This high-quality, mid-range counter Surveillance product lets you check your local area for covert equipment.


It can detect signals from spy cameras, wireless camera bugs, listening devices that use 2g /3g / 4g signals, GPS tracking that may be covertly hidden in your car or on a person, and other difficult-to-see electronic items which transmit signals.


It communicates to you with an LED color system and via a varying beep (instructions include what each LED/beep means). You can turn the sound off and just use the LED system if you need to remain quiet.


Comes in a choice of gold or a more discrete black color. Also includes a charger and earpiece.


Specification: Professional radio detection device, high sensitivity, adjustable threshold, large range of frequency detection.

Easy to use (only switch+sensitivity knob), Sound and light alarm indicator.

Detects Mobile, Unicom, telecom, and 2G.3G.4G signals for bugs.

Detects High-speed uploads which use GPS to track you.

Detects 1.2G/2.4G wireless cameras.

Detects hidden 5.8GHZ wireless camera and Wireless eavesdropping equipment.

Frequency Range:1MHz-8000MHz.

Works within the range of >73Db.

Detection sensitivity is ≤0.03mw(primary frequency).


Detect range: 2.4GHz wireless camera: 15m (standard 10mW camera)

1.2GHz wireless camera: 10m (standard 10mWcamera)

Moblie:2G,3G,4G: 10m

LED: 9 different levels of LED colors plus a sound ticker (instructions included).

Power:built-in 3.7 V800mAH lithium polymer battery

Working time:10-15 hours active scanning time per charge

Size: 51*20*187mm

Signals Scanner (Camera & Audio Detection)



    If you are not satisfied with the product, we offer 30 day no questions asked return policy.  Simply contact us to arrange this within 30 days of purchasing.