A professional set of 6 long-range walkie-talkies along with its base charger. These can communicate up to 3km in the distance and are small enough to fit in your hand at the size of a standard Iphone. They are slim and can comfortably fit in your pocket and slot onto your trousers belt. Perfect for small teams to save using phones and where phone signals are not significant. They have a good quality battery, allowing a standby time of 72 hours per charge. Also, if your team decides to take these home, they can be charged via a normal USB cable if it's away from the charger base station.

Brand Name: RETEVIS
Battery Capacity(mAh): 1000
Waterproof / Water-Resistant: No
Maximum Range: 1.5km-3km
Model Number: PMR: RT622 or FRS: RT22
Walkie-Talkie Type: Portable
Output Power(w): 0.5w-3w
Material: ABS
Storage Channel: 16
Frequency Range: PMR:446MHz or FRS:462MHz
Dimensions: 5.32x2.16x0.84inch(13.5x5.5x2.14cm)
Antenna type: Integrated antenna
Mic/Speaker/Programming Port: Compatible with 2pin TK plug accessories
Suitable for: Hotel/Restaurant/KTV/Supermarket/Coffee shop etc.
Antenna Connector: Fixed

6 Pcs Professional Walkie-Talkies



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